The Referral Rainmaker Enterprise Agreement

A flexible solution for enterprise customers (commercial only) to manage their on-premises and cloud-based computing needs.

The Referral Rainmaker software is not sold; rather, it is licensed all the way through the distribution channel to the end user.

Option 1 - Entry Level - $199.00 (One Time Fee)

The Referral Rainmaker software will be reconfigured with your corporate logo and colors.

Option 2 - Shared Revenues - $499.00 (One Time Fee) - The Referral Rainmaker software will be reconfigured with your logo and colors and Mobile Marketing Technologies will share the revenues generated from the sale and usage of the software as follows:

For each year, Mobile Marketing Technologies will receive a percentage of all Revenues, with the balance payable to the Customer according to the table below, until MMT shall have received the sum of $5,000 for each year, with all Revenues thereafter, during such year, being divided equally between MMT and the Customer.

Mobile Marketing Technologies
Total Revenues Paid to Mobile Marketing Technologies
Above $5000

Once a customer has reached the 4 level or a 50% Revenue share in each subsequent year that customer will drop down to level 3 or a 25% Revenue share until the sum of $5000 is reached for that year.

If you are interested in obtaining a private license or private label license for The Referral Rainmaker software please contact Larry Block at


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