The Referral Rainmaker Pricing

Starter Packages
All packages are for an initial period of 90 days and include the basic setup.
Basic CRM - $297
Up to 1000 Contacts
Send Email/Text/Direct Mail
Unlimited Lists
Personal Calendar
Multi-Media Autoresponders
Automatic Reminder System
QR Code Creation Tool
After 90 days monthly cost:
TextSmart Marketing - $397
Basic CRM Package
250 Text Messages each month
TextSmart Deluxe - $497
Basic CRM Package
Text Keyword
500 Text Messages each month
After 90 days monthly cost:
$49.95/month or $89.95/month (Deluxe)
Marketing/Ecommerce - $397
Basic CRM Package
Calendar Pro
Affiliate Marketing
Project Management
15,000 Additional Contacts
After 90 days monthly cost:
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